Club Rules

Here's some information on IMC club-specific rules:

Late signup policy:

Signup closes 30 minutes before the event start time. No signups will be accepted after that time - no exceptions.

Event Rain-out policy:

IMC will make all reasonable attempts to run events in inclement weather. However, when poor conditions exist (such as rain) the event may be declared finished by the referee at his discretion, based on his assessment of the safety of the hill and any "point" in continuing further. The referee will attempt to call the event at the completion of a full class - in the event that the class in progress cannot be completed, then the entire class will be scored on the first ride only (assuming that the first ride had completed). All classes subsequent to the cancellation of the event will be scored on their first ride only (assuming that the first ride had completed). In the event that not even the first ride can be completed, current AMA and district rules will apply as to whether or not the event even officially counts for points - in such an event a riders' meeting will be held to discuss and address the situation appropriately.

Missed/Incorrect time policy:

While IMC will endeavor to provide high-quality scoring, it is inevitable that some riders' times may not be recorded correctly by the timing equipment. When this happens, the re-ride must take place within the class in progress, or as soon as reasonably possible. Riders whose time was not properly recorded MAY NOT take their bikes back to the pits before taking their re-ride - the machine must remain in the staging area until the re-ride is taken. This is to ensure that no tuning or modifications are made to the machine that would take advantage of the experience the rider gained in the first, incorrectly recorded ride. While it is regrettable when a time is mis-recorded, that rider should not be able to gain an unfair edge in having that extra "free" ride over the other competitors in the class.