On event days, there should be signs placed from downtown Red Wing to get you to the hill - otherwise, here's one way to get there:

  • From Highway 61, turn south (away from the river) on West Ave.
  • Follow West Ave. to Seventh (7th) St. - then turn left on Seventh.
  • You'll just go to the next intersection, then turn right on East Ave.
  • Follow East Ave. to Twelfth (12th) St. - turn right on Twelfth.
  • Follow Twelfth St. to Seymour St. - turn right on Seymour.
  • From Seymour St, turn left on Mason St.
  • Finally, from Mason St. turn left onto Bohmbach Dr., which is right by the city athletic fields and a church. Bohmbach will lead you right into our gates.

Note that when leaving, obviously you just reverse these directions, but don't turn off of East Ave. - East Ave. will run straight to 61 (portions of East and West Avenues are one-way).

The interactive map below will get you to our event grounds...just past the baseball fields (where the Red Wing Aces play) and you'll be there!  There's not really a street address where the event grounds are...and that throws both MapQuest and Google Maps for a loop - the below map is marked at the corner of Mason St. & Bohmbach Dr. - from there just turn south on Bohmbach and head through the gate.  Click the "More options" link to go to the Google Maps website and get turn-by-turn directions.