Verticross at Nationals!

Indianhead M/C is proud to announce that there will be a verticross class at nationals this year, to be held in it's entirety at the end of the regular AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship program on Saturday, August 5th, 2017.

Verticross is not a recognized AMA sport or class - as such, the observing body will be King of the Hill.  National championship trophies will be provided to the top 3 riders in the class, and the entry fee will be $45 instead of $50 as it is for the AMA classes.

Verticross (also called "X-Climb" in other places, such as at NAHA events) is a relatively new sport, similar to hill drags but with some key differences.  In hill drags, a full drag racing timing system is used, with staging lights etc...and generally the hill used is the "normal" course used for regular hillclimbs at that location.  Verticross though doesn't use a light system - the riders start from motocross-style gates, and the winner is judged by the finish line referee at the top of the hill (dead heats are re-run).  Also, in verticross the course is generally not the same as what is used for regular hillclimb classes - there's typically turns, gates, jumps, rough terrain, or other obstacles that make the course more challenging.

We've been doing hill drags at IMC for decades - and verticross for the past few years, as have our neighbors at Valley Springs M/C in nearby Bay City, WI.  If you haven't seen a Verticross before, you can check out a Lucas Oil program featuring an NAHA event right here!

More information about verticross, and the 2017 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship, is available in the information pack which you can see here.  Hope to see you there!